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    This guide is for those NON VIP players or with low VIP accounts

    (HOW TO SEARCH THE QUESTION YOU NEED IN THIS GUIDE? Just press Ctrl +F then type the first 3 words on the sailing then enter)
    *NOTE: those who want to contribute pls just post you comment so i can edit this guide thanks

    2 Bounty Hunter in Logue Town is doing debates about shoot out competition results, you want to help them to decide who us the winner.
    >The one with the fastest... (65 FAME)
    >The one woth the shooting... (5040 FAVOR)

    A Carrier Pigeon came with a letter, you need to pay 100 berry receive the letter
    >Pay 100 berry (FAVOR)
    >Kill the bird (BERRY)

    After being hit by the storm , Windmill, Windmill Village suffered destruction, residents hoping someone can help them improve
    >Help villagers (SAILING TIME)
    >Ignore (FAME)

    A strange boat sky falls a strange boat, but there was no screen odd grip
    >Try Open (FAME)
    >Researching can be found (ST)

    A lot of birds falling to the ground in the desert front side, apparently dying of thirst, there is probably a bird Namum trickster who likes to steal the treasure
    >Give them water to drink (FAVOR)
    >ignore (5 GOLD)

    After you pass Syrup Village, some children know that you are the pirates will ask to tell the story of your adventures
    >I was so busy (45 FAME)
    >Come, eat first one lollipop (5160 FAVOR)

    Bird News the latest news sent a letter, only requires 100 Berry to buy
    >I've bought (FAVOR)
    >Roast the bird and eaten (BERRY)

    Because of the lack of vegetables, some scurvy crew exposed, should be immediately hospitalized
    >Making vegetable juice (BERRY)
    >go to the doctor (FAME)

    Drum Islan there is a strange creature called the "Hiking Bear", the island is often found climbing Drum
    >Bow your head to him (GOLD)
    >On the ground pretending to be dead (FAVOR)

    Here is a very stubborn camel, desperately do not allow people to ride, everyone is not allowed
    >Tell him a joke (BERRY)
    >Beat him to be allowed to ride (ST)

    In Drum island
    >Bow your head (10 GOLD)

    In Sky Island you take a strange whistle, do not know what will appear after blow
    >Trying to blow (BERRY)
    >Be careful to goodness (45 FAME)

    In the middle of traveling buying a knife from a mysterious merchant, it turns Unknown Demon Knife
    >Use the power of the heart (SAILING TIME)
    >Seal off site (FAVOR)

    In Jaya island pirates often fight each event, and then spread to surrounding residents
    >Prevent fights (SAILINGTIME)
    >Helps one to beat the other party (BERRY)

    In the middle of your adventure , you have found the legendary Rainbow Island, said time intersect in Rainbow Island, many pirates after entering never come out again
    >enter the Treasure Hunt (5 GOLD)
    >Instruct the crew to avoid (FAVOR)

    Iron Gate dibadan Laboon had rusted, open it very difficult, Crocus looking for someone who can remove the rust
    >help eliminate rust (12900 BERRY)
    >Helped replace the steel does not rust (FAVOR)

    In the Drum Island avalanches occur, you find Lapin buried in snow
    > out of the pile (ST)
    >Go left (BERRY)

    In the middle of your sailing meet sailing Train on the move, said Sea Train was created by the worlds's greatest carpenters
    >Parallel with...(FAME)
    >Seeing train slowly...(5 GOLD)

    Laboon has swallowed countless items, referred to some pesky pirates, now hidden in the belly
    >Finding Hidden Treasure (10080-BERRY)
    >Fear of gastric fluid and surrender (FAVOR)

    Log Pos suddenly not working, now it has deviated from cruise ship
    >Stop the boat, after finding a new pointer sailed back (ST)
    >Relying on intuition in navigation (FAME)

    Logue Town is having a cooking contest, people can choose 1 lewawt all sorts of food to taste, to eat where ya?
    >Chinese cuisine, food trends Eastern...(FAVOR)
    >Western Cuisine...(11310 BERRY)

    Lacking of vegetables, some of the crew exposed to scurvy, they should be treated immediately!
    >Make a vegetable juice (10440 BERRY)
    >Going to see the doctor (45 FAME)

    "Mashira" Legion invites you to participate in the Treasure Hunt underwater race, the winner can take both rewards
    >Accepting the challenge (1750 fAVOR)
    >Boring, I'm busy... (9460 BERRY)

    Moo came as captivated by the cuisine of your boat, look at his eyes watery, as if he were starving
    >Give him food (45 FAME)
    >Kick it (10090 BERRY)

    Merry was very fond of making ships, and wants you to help him see the new ships should use a bow like what
    >The dolphins are cute (4200 BERRY)
    >The mighty Lion (85 FAME)

    Marine Square in Shell Town, stood a cross, It is a symbol of the repressive rebel Colonel Morgan
    >Dispose of it (9460 BERRY)
    >Leave to warn the next generation Marine (FAME)

    Navigator reported underwater volcanoes to erupt in front of, if not avoid the vessel is likely to go into it.
    >Challenging Sea! (GOLD)
    >Wait for it to finish (FAVOR)

    Orange town was destroyed by pirates, many buildings need to be rebuilt, the head of the village looking for people to help
    >Give Berry to fund the village head (85 FAME)
    >Collect wood to help build (3850 BERRY)

    Once you passed the "Small garden" appears didekatmu Food Island Monster, this monster is said to once take the next island
    >Preparing to fight (SAILING TIME)
    >Sneak (FAVOR)

    Pirates discovered a strange tree trunk length, using any method can not be destroyed, once identified it turns out this is the "Treasure Tree" Tree of Adam
    >Used for main ship (FAME)
    >Selling to the black market to get a little money (BERRY)

    Pirates, you're wrong meal, it was a cactus that produces hallucinations, should be given the kiss, after the identification of the ship's doctor apparently is called a type of cactus...
    >Let the crew do anything...(5 GOLD)
    >Wake him...(BERRY)

    Pirates find pumpkin Sky Island, say the gods are also very fond of this food
    >Trying to eat (FAVOR)
    >Bring on the black market for auction(GOLD)

    Rika from Shell Town is preparing to make a new onigiri, and asked what flavor do you like
    >Beat in sugar, onigiri should be sweet (85 FAME)
    >Salt should be added, is not the normal way (BERRY)

    Ship deviated toward "calm belt", but this is the nest Sea King
    >Calm down, leaving only ship waters (BERRY)
    >Against the Sea King that there (GOLD)

    Sky Island shell has the ability, and many many pirates life've never seen it
    >Take to the research (SAILING TIME)
    >Buy large quantities for resale (BERRY)

    Theres a ruins here in Sandstorm made initially buried in the ruins of a desert out, here it is likely many buried treasures and secrets
    >Adventure alone (FAVOR)
    >Send the crew to get there (65 FAME)

    The ship's doctor to develop components of the "Powerful Water", just by drinking it in a short time will improve combat capability, but it will shorten the life of
    >Used the killers (FAME)
    >For the benefit of the sailors, destroyed recipes (5 GOLD)

    The Baroque Works agents sneaking into the Rebel army and the Kingdom army, triggering a conflict between the two sides
    >Find an undercover agent (65 FAME)
    >Stop fighting (2100 FAVOR)

    The annual harvest season has come, Nojiko of Kokoyashi village would like to invite you to help her harvesting the oranges.
    >Help Nojiko... (FAVOR)
    >Tell the crew to help... (65 FAME)

    The crew reported that there's a group of Dugong ahead of us blocking the way, the most interesting of those dugong is that they are learning martial arts.
    >Learn some move from... (FAME)
    >Capture the, to be your... (3 GOLD)

    When you reach the entrance of Reverse Mountain, found many pirates are asking for help
    >Helping... (BERRY)
    >Just save the beautiful women...(10 GOLD)

    When sailing in the middle of the night, suddenly received an attack from a mysterious ship, and it was a bunch of zombies!
    >Using fire to burn it (FAME)
    >Sprinkle them with sea water (FAVOR)

    When you come to the beach Kotto island, there is a fairy suddenly emerged from the water and asked if you drop a stick of gold?
    >I really miss a golden wand (10 GOLD)
    >remember there was a fat lady who dropped the Iron Bar (FAME)

    You save the mermaid pirates arrested, he was very grateful to you, and wanted to give you a gift
    >Marry me(FAME)
    >Dance for us (15 GOLD)

    You come to Rainbase "casino", here can make people rich overnight, but it can also make people lose everything overnight
    >Try your luck (10GOLD)
    >Refusing to gamble (BERRY)

    You pass Baratie, bursts of fragrance blown from restaurant meals, the saliva dripping crew
    >Resist the temptation, there are still important things (SAILING TIME)
    >Inside to taste the food (FAVOR)

    You beat the Sea King is strong, after removing the entrails intact you were surprised to find a covert arm, Lest this left arm Shanks
    >Taking to be returned to Shanks (85 FAME)
    >Take it as a treasure trove of the town ship (4300 FAVOR)

    your crew found some pumpkin is sky island
    >Try ti eat the pumpkin
    >Bring it to black market to sell it in auction (3 GOLD)

    Your crew consumed an ugly long mushroom, if you eat it, it will grow a lot of mushroom on your body, and eventually your strength will be absorbed by it and then you will die.
    >Burn the roots with fire (4200 FAVOR)
    >Use your hands to pull it out (7740 BERRY)

    You found a small house in the desert, in the house you find a pile o "Dancing powder", it said that this powder can call the rain.
    >Give to the villagers (45 FAME)
    Sell them to... (11310 BERRY)

    You have received an SOS, rushed to the location of the distress you find a merchant ship apparently being attack by Sea King.
    >Distract them from... (45 FAME)
    >Attacking Sea King... (FAVOR)

    You arrive to the Whiskey Peak, in front of two odd-shaped cactus peak
    >Out if curiosity...(10 GOLD)
    >Leaving it...(FAVOR)

    You're passing a pet shop in Orange Town, placed in a variety of pet food
    >Buying pet foods can ench...(4200 FAVOR)
    >Buying pet foods may inc...(11180 BERRY)

    Zoro and Sanji was competing in a "Small Garden" Hunting Competition, but could not determine who the bigger prey
    >Triceratopsnya Zoro (FAVOR)
    >Dragon Overlord Sanji owned (BERRY)

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    so far::.

    After you pass Syruo Village, some children know that you are the pirates, they will ask you to tell them the story of your adventures.
    >I'm really busy
    >Come here, but lets eat a lollipop first(FAVOR)

    When sailing in the middle of the night, we suddenly attacked by a mysterious ship, and it turns out to be a bunch of Zombies!
    >Burn them with Fire!(FAME)
    >Put some sea water on them

    You arrived at Whiskey Peak, at the city front you find two cactus with a strange topping.
    >Curious, you climbed up there to check the topping.(GOLD)
    >Leave the place.

    Logue Town is having a cooking contest, travelers can choose one kind of the sample cuisine, which one we shoudl eat first?
    >Chinese cuisine, Eastern-style food.
    >Western cuisine.(BERRY)

    In the middle of your travels, you buy a Knife from a mysterious merchant, it turns out to be the mysterious Demon knife.
    >Use the Knife power.
    >Seal it in one place.(FAVOR)

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    Just Updated it.
    I didnt Put any amount because it is subject to change...
    So enjoy...

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